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A coder, a designer, or both?

You may have just received funding to complete a major project or simply decided it’s time to move ahead with a website redesign. You now need to find the right freelancers for the job. Whether it’s adding a few freelancers to your existing in-house team or building a freelancer-only team, you may be unsure where to start.

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An infographics designer and a startup CEO walk into a bar…

Here’s a great story of how ambition, enthusiasm and hard work can move you toward your professional dreams.

We’re pleased to feature Aran Jackson, graphic designer and infographics specialist, in conversation with Coworks CEO and cofounder, Henrik Dillman.

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Getting the Most Out of Word of Mouth

Great freelancers and smart clients unequivocally agree: when you’re looking for an excellent freelancer or for appealing freelance work, your most reliable resource is word of mouth. The enormous reach and connection that is possible today is a double-edged sword at best. Many online services that trade in freelance work boast of their “millions of freelancers” registered. But when what you want is quality, reliability and minimal risk, how does access to “millions of freelancers” or “thousands of jobs” really help? For professionals looking for sustainable and rewarding freelance collaborations, less is truly more.

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What Coworks Do

Your Gatekeeper, Your Admin, Your Advocate and Your Bookkeeper

Making Good Use of the Features on Coworks

When it comes to freelancing, who wouldn’t like to do more of this:

• Sort the window shoppers from the opportunities with actual potential • Keep all the client input for each job in one place • Be confident there’s a solid business agreement established for each job • Know for certain you’ll be paid on time

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Community Spotlight: Colorful Characters, On the Page and Off

Power Girl, from The Extraordinaires Design Studio game, illustrated by Steve Simpson The Great Freelancers and Smart Clients of Coworks: Steve Simpson, illustrator 

In an earlier post, illustrator Steve Simpson walked us through three projects that showcase how creative thinking and skillful illustrative techniques can take brand promotion to the next level. Steve’s style is a treat to see, so do check it out.

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